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Simple Zipped Bag

pencil_caseI mentioned last week that I made a zipped bag for my niece Erica for her eye pencils. Little bags or pouches like this are very easy to make even for beginner sewers; and no pattern required.

Here’s what you need:
9” zipper
Two 9 1/2” x 5” strips of cotton print
Two 9 1/2” x 5’ strips of lining fabric
Cotton thread to match

Here’s how:
Setup your sewing machine for regular sewing. Attach the zipper foot. Select a straight stitch and set the length to 2.5mm. Sandwich one side of the zipper between the cotton print and the lining fabric, with right sides facing and stitch together.


Pull the two layers to the right side and press. Sandwich the other side of the zipper tape in the same way and stitch .


Open the zipper at least 3/4” of the way.


Pull the lining to one side and the fabric to the other. Pin the fabric sides together, with right sides facing. Repeat with lining. Stitch together, leaving a 2" opening on the lower edge of the lining for turning.


stitch_cornerLine up the side seam with the seam along the lower edge. Measure 1" in from the tip of the corner. Mark a line across as a guide; and then stitch across the marked line. Trim the point leaving a 1/4” seam. Repeat with lining.

Turn to the right side. Fold in the seam allowances on the opening in the lining, and then topstitch the opening to close. Tuck the lining inside the bag and press.

Fill and zip closed.


More Finger puppets


Last week I made a few finger puppets for my great niece Alexa. I started with a monkey, a pig and a little chick. Well she loved them and that inspired me to make a few more. So I added a dog, a bunny, a panda and a frog to my little menagerie. I know it’s a mish mash of farm and jungle animals, but these are the ones that inspired me.


anyway, as promised here is the pattern for all the finger puppets. So much fun to make and only very basic crafting skills needed.

Here's what you need:
Felt in a variety of colors: you can use wool or acrylic felt
Googly eyes
Craft glue
White flat button: pig's nose
Two black pearl beads: frog's nostrils
Pink pearl button: bunny's nose
1/2" white pompom: bunny's cotton tail

Here's how:
1. Print the pattern pages following directions below. Cut out all the pattern pieces from the felt.

2. Follow the color diagrams to position all the body parts. The ears are placed between the two body pieces. You can glue them on the back to hold in place. Glue the remaining body pieces onto the front. Set aside to dry.cotton_tail

3. Stitch the button nose onto the bunny and pig. Stitch the beads onto the frog as nostrils. Stitch the detail on the panda and the monkey.

4. Pin front to back with wrong sides facing. Select a seam/overcast stitch and set the stitch width of 3.5mm. Stitch together around the outer curved edge; leave the lower edge open.

5. Glue the googly eyes in place. Glue the pompom onto the back of the bunny. Let dry.

Have fun playing with your finger puppets!


Halloween Bunting

You know Halloween is just around the corner. This year we are decorating with a fabulous bunting. Retail members, click on the Retailer Login to login and download your October project and designs.

Bunting, banner, flag or garland call it what you will, basically it’s a string of flags used to decorate a room. Hang it in a doorway, in front of the fireplace, on the wall or where ever you need a pop of color. It’s a great way to bring in the season’s colors into any room. This year decorate for trick-or-treat night with this fun “Happy Halloween” bunting.


Our bunting is made using embroidery designs from Seasonal Bunting Embroidery Designs #sc074d. A group of three (3) design sets that you can use to make buntings for any season and any occasion. Each design set in this group includes a complete alphabet. You can spell out any sentiment, greeting or wish.

Additionally sets sc074d_large_flags and sc074d_small_flags include blank in-the-hoop flags. With the flag blanks you can make flags from cotton prints or with your own embroidery design as we did with the Witch motif at the end of the word “Happy” in our bunting above.

The witch design is from Scary Nights Embroidery Designs. It’s a set of four (4) fun Halloween designs. You can get them here.

Scary Nighs Embroidery Designs 223d  -  $6.00



Pencil Cases and Puppets

Lip pencil that is. This pretty bag is for my niece Erica. It seems she has lip pencils that just don’t fit the standard cosmetic bags I usually make for her. So a couple of days ago I decided to whip up a new longer bag. Already gave it to her and she loves it. It’s super simple but will try to do a tutorial, soon.


On Sunday I got a request from my great niece Alexa for finger puppets. She asked if I could make them while she was at school on Monday and then get them to her in the afternoon. I managed to negotiate a couple of extra days. She drives a hard bargain – did I tell you she is 5 years old?? Anyway she is cute as a button, so can’t say no to her. She is always so excited when I make stuff for her. And I get lots of hugs, so it’s well worth it. So here are the three that I made. I spent more time thinking about them than making them.


If I can squeeze some time in the next few days, I will try and get a little pattern done for the three. I have lots to do, the embroidery club the hoop along to name just a couple of things on the go. Anyway, loving doing all of it.


It’s another beautiful day here in Toronto. Hope the weather keeps up.


Join me for a Hoop Along?

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What's a Hoop Along you ask? Well, simply put it's an ongoing, online embroidery class. Over a span of several months we will stitch, discuss and demonstrate a wide variety of embroidery techniques, such as applique, cutwork, in-the-hoop patchwork, endless or continuous embroidery, etc. Each time we present a new embroidery topic or technique you will be able to purchase the embroidery design or designs used in the demonstration, so you can embroider with me. And when you have a question, just email me for a quick answer.

Regardless of whether you own a starter or a top-of-the-line embroidery machine you will be able to participate. I am planning to include embroidery designs for most of the popular hoop sizes including the 4"x4" (100x100mm) Standard hoop. Join me and my Hoop Along anytime, and participate as much as you like.

I am planning to start the Hoop Along the last week of September. I know that seems like a long time away, but I promise it will go by real fast. I'll be posting more information as we get closer to the start.

I am really looking forward to the Hoop Along, and I hope that you decide to join me! Oh, and the little snippets at the top and lower part of this post are small clips of the applique design that I have planned.

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